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Today I will share with you the knowledge of lme aluminum, which will also explain the price of lme aluminum. If it happens to solve the problems you are facing now, don’t forget to pay attention to this site, start now Bar! A list of the contents of this article: 1. London aluminum grades 2. The substitutability of aluminum to other metals is prominent? 3. Help: Why are China’s SMM and LME aluminum prices different? 4. The correlation between LME aluminum futures trading volume and closing price of aluminum futures London Aluminum grades The LME aluminum contract is 97% pure aluminum, 25 tons per lot (+/- 2%), and the minimum price fluctuation of the aluminum contract is 50 cents/ton. ; There are three types of ingots: 1. Aluminum ingots (12-26 kg). 2. T-shaped ingot (750 kg). 3. Large slabs (750 kg). London International Broken Bridge aluminum doors and windows is a first-line brand in China. London International Broken Bridge Aluminum Doors and Windows is the main product produced by Foshan Lunden International System Doors and Windows Co., Ltd. It has been engaged in the aluminum alloy doors and windows industry for more than 10 years, specializing in the production of high-end aluminum alloy doors and windows. The company was rated as a first-line brand in March 2022. Standard aluminum is an aluminum ingot containing 97% aluminum, which is registered on the London market. A00 aluminum, aluminum containing 97% pure aluminum, is called "standard aluminum" in the London market. A00 is the Russian grade in the national standard of the former Soviet Union, and A is the Russian letter. Some people call "A00" aluminum, which is actually aluminum with a purity of 97%, which is called "standard aluminum" in the London market. Aluminum ingots of AI970. Some people call it "A00" aluminum, which is actually aluminum with a purity of 97%. It is called "standard aluminum" in the London market. What is the substitutability of aluminum to other metals? Yes, as long as it is after aluminum in the metal activity sequence table, it can be replaced by aluminum. But before the experiment, it needs to be polished. It is difficult for other metals to replace aluminum for similar reactions. Although the Fe and CuO you mentioned may react to form Fe2O3 and Cu under heating, the reaction is far from being as strongly exothermic as thermite and can sustain the reaction by itself. Due to the advantages of low density, high hardness, high strength, and good electrical and thermal conductivity, aluminum alloy is widely used in industries such as aviation, chemical industry, transportation, construction, and national defense. Metals that have had a major impact on human development. Giving full play to this advantage can greatly alleviate the growing demand for mineral resources from social and economic development, significantly reduce energy consumption such as coal and electricity in the metal production process, reduce environmental pollution, achieve sustainable development of the metal industry, and create savings. society. Ask for help: Why are China’s SMM and LME aluminum prices different? 1. In the two markets, the London futures price is based on international metal pricing, while the aluminum price of domestic lme aluminum is mainly determined by the spot price of the Yangtze River. The national conditions are different, and there are RMB exchange rates and enhanced export competitiveness. various factors. 2. Alumina supply: The cost of alumina accounts for about 28%-34% of the production cost of aluminum ingots. Therefore, the supply and price of alumina will directly affect the price of aluminum ingots. Electricity price: lme aluminum The average power consumption per ton of aluminum in my country is 450,000 kWh/ton of aluminum electricity costs account for 38% of the cost of aluminum ingots. Domestic and foreign economic cycle and macroeconomic situation. 3. From the perspective of academic research, the futures market has the function of price discovery. The price discovery function of the futures market of Shanghai Aluminum may be more sensitive and efficient than that of LME Lun Aluminum. 4. Comprehensive aluminum 03: SMM spot A00 aluminum is quoted at 18,900-18,940 yuan/ton, with an average price of 18,920 yuan/ton, an increase of 390 yuan from the previous trading day. Shanghai aluminum warehouse receipts increased by 1258 tons a day, now 203671 tons; LME aluminum warehouse receipts decreased by 5525 tons, now 943125 tons. 5. Exchange; LME: London Metal Exchange; London Metal Exchange; SMM, SHFE and LME are the three well-known institutions in the non-ferrous metal industry, among which the full name of SHFE is shanghai futures exchange (Shanghai futures exchange), and the full name of LME is london metal exchange (London Metal Exchange). The calculation results of the correlation between LME aluminum futures trading volume and closing price of aluminum futures are shown in the table below. It can be seen that in the large sample situation, there is no Granger causality between LME aluminum futures inventory and closing price (the lag period is 2 There is no Granger causality). Although the trading of aluminum futures contracts is a full hundred years later than that of copper futures contracts, the futures trading of aluminum has been very active in recent years, and the trading volume has grown steadily. It has become the contract with the largest trading volume in LME futures trading, and its price has also become It provides the main basis for guiding the price trend of the global aluminum spot market. In 2001, the global aluminum output reached 21,191,000 tons, and the trading volume of aluminum futures and options on the London Metal Exchange (LME) reached 25 million lots (about 600 million tons); from January to July 2001, the aluminum The trading volume of futures and options reached 15,170,158 lots (about 700 million tons). This is the end of the introduction about lme aluminum and lme aluminum prices. Did you find the information you need? If you want to know more about this, remember to bookmark and follow this site.

lme aluminum➺lme aluminum price

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