Pu'er tea brewing method video How to brew Pu'er tea? , Video Tutorial on How to Brew Pu’er Tea

Hi everyone, today I have noticed a more interesting topic, which is about the video on how to brew Pu’er Tea, so I compiled a related introduction to Pu’er Tea Let's take a look at the answer to the tea brewing method video. How to brew Pu-erh tea? How to brew Pu-erh tea? 1. Prepare the tea set and choose the water for making tea. Prepare the tea set and rinse it with hot water. Then choose the water for making tea that is closely related to the taste. Do not use tap water. The tea brewed in tap water will not taste pure. It is best to use pure water, mineral water and mountain spring water to make tea, the tea fragrance will be more sweet and smooth, making people love it. 2. Washing tea Pu-erh tea has the characteristic that the more it is put, the more fragrant it is, the more valuable it is, the more you put it, the more valuable it is. Before making tea, you need to wash the tea, and pour out the water after washing the tea. After washing the tea, the tea fragrance is more pure, and the fragrance is better developed. 3. Brewing water temperature The water used to make Pu-erh tea should not be over-boiled. The best water temperature is above 92°C. Too little oxygen in the water will affect the activity of the tea. The lower the water temperature, the better for tea aroma, and the higher the water temperature, the sweeter it will be. For tender tea or new tea, be sure to soak it in slightly lower temperature boiling water, cover the cup, and wait for about ten seconds. Note that the ratio of tea to water is particular about the ratio of tea to water. The ratio of tea to water is 1g:50g, and the amount of tea to be brewed is 20% of the capacity of the container. On Sundays, the flavor of the brewed tea is better. Of course, if you like to drink strong tea, you can add more tea in an appropriate amount, or you can decide according to your personal requirements. 4. Tea out: Pour the brewed tea into the fair cup, and put a filter on the fair cup to prevent the tea leaves from falling. 5. Divide the tea: Take away the filter, and pour the tea in the justice cup into the tea tasting cups. Then it's time to drink. Conclusion: If you master the steps of brewing Pu-erh tea well, you will be able to brew a tea with a delicate flavor and a sweet aftertaste. Do not brew raw Pu-erh tea in a thermos cup, as this will cause the raw tea to lose its activity and affect the flavor of Pu-erh tea. You should pay attention to drinking high-quality tea. So far, the above is the introduction of the editor's questions about the video of Pu'er tea brewing method. I hope that the one-point answer about the video of Pu'er tea brewing method will be useful to everyone.

Pu'er tea brewing method video How to brew Pu'er tea? , Video Tutorial on How to Brew Pu’er Tea

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