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Hello everyone, today the editor has paid attention to a more interesting topic, which is about the classic successful cases of network marketing, so the editor has sorted out 2 related introductions of classic network marketing Let's take a look at the answers to successful cases. Internet marketing success stories? Internet marketing success stories? Internet marketing success stories? 1. Want Want multi-channel marketing Facing the trend of young people’s consumption on the Internet, Want Want has created a multi-channel and diversified online communication system and built an online e-commerce platform. In addition to flagship stores such as Tmall and, Want Want has also launched Wangzai Club App, Wangzai Wangpu Mini Program, Wangzai Wangpu App and other self-owned e-commerce models, combined with Douyin, Kuaishou, Xiaohongshu and other popular social platforms to open corresponding platform stores. Offline, Want Want has expanded vending machines and themed stores, and built its own direct sales channels. At the same time, changes in the consumption environment and consumer groups mean that the media environment and communication methods must also be iteratively updated. In addition to TVC advertisements and event marketing, Want Want, from the perspective of consumers, tried many new ways of communicating with young people, such as cross-border marketing and building theme stores. It can be seen that in order to reach young consumer groups, Want Want has made great changes in channels and communication. 2. Alipay Collection of Five Blessings In 2016, the birth of Alipay's "Five Blessings Collection" became a hot topic during the Spring Festival that year. In addition to people actively sweeping and exchanging blessings, especially the scarcity of "dedicated blessings" has been on the hot search list of major social platforms for many consecutive days, and has become a hot topic in the streets and alleys. Since it successfully entered the field of public opinion that year, "Jiwufu" has continued to have a strong influence in the following years. Since 2017, Jiwufu has got rid of the form of pure card-collecting activities, and has launched different innovative gameplays almost every year. For example, in 2018, for the first time, the "Almighty Fortune" that can be exchanged for any blessing card appeared, and the gesture of "five blessings arriving" by scanning friends around you, and you can also get blessing cards through Ant Manor and Ant Forest; in 2019, Alipay launched 2019 Huahua cards , users who get this card can get the rights of "help you pay back flowers all year round"; and by 2020, Alipay's Huahua Card will be upgraded to "Family Portrait Card", and the most attractive benefit is "help you pay back flowers for the whole family". chant". With the introduction of new gameplay every year, "Jiwufu" has begun to have a continuous appeal to users. At the end of the year and the beginning of the year, looking forward to the arrival of the Five Blessings event has become quite a ritual, and it has also begun to settle into one of the CNY marketing (Chinese New Year marketing) activities that have a strong influence in the Internet field. Compared with other platforms that try to gain strong exposure in a short period of time through the amount of red envelopes, "Jiwufu", which already has a first-mover advantage in user cognition, focuses more on interaction and sharing. The actions that people can complete are not only "grabbing", but also "playing", "sharing", "interacting" and other actions. However, after the launch of "Jiwufu" and the diversification of gameplay, it is no longer just an act of "self-sweeping" by independent individuals or families. A social activity and social behavior with a wider influence. On the surface, it is the change of the scene from offline to online; but from the inside, it shows the infinite extension of form and connotation. Traditional cultural elements such as "blessings" have a new and sustainable vitality in the online virtual space through "collecting five blessings". Internet marketing success stories? 1. "Win" every step of the way: A gift company located in Xiamen is one of the companies that hopes that the Internet will change its operating conditions. The current situation of this company, which has been in operation for three years, is quite embarrassing: on the one hand, it started a trade from scratch, without sufficient funds, and does not have its own factory. It basically relies on reselling other people's products, and is a low-profit middleman. On the other hand, customer resources mainly come from old customers accumulated by the operator's previous work, or even introduced by relatives and friends. "In recent years, there have been too many gift companies like ours, and the market competition is fierce. If we continue to do as before, we will close sooner or later." The pressure of business made him turn his attention to the Internet. 2. The successful case of Jiuding Group's network marketing: the development of network marketing has brought about great changes in the business activities of our group. Preliminary practical experience has made us deeply understand that network marketing is the "ticket" for enterprises to further expand the global market. Only by deeply promoting the construction of network marketing system can we bring more business and development opportunities to enterprises. This year, we plan to do two things first. One is to join hands with Hohai University to start a new network marketing comprehensive application system project. Establish a self-managed website, center on network marketing, speed up the pace of close matching of internal management systems, and form a comprehensive computer network marketing system. The second is to recruit a group of college students with a bachelor's degree or above to strengthen the network marketing team and improve the quality of network marketing personnel. At the same time, provide them with an efficient system platform to implement product information management and customer data management, and promote the transition of enterprise network marketing from simple E-mail transmission and advertisement release to product promotion, information release and interactive services. The completion of this system will enable the group to quickly adapt to the transformation of marketing strategies in the Internet era, and efficiently and quickly promote the company to the international market through the network, making a big leap in the company's image, popularity, brand, and product sales. We firmly believe that network marketing will become a new growth point for our group's economic benefits. So far, the above is the introduction of the editor's questions about the classic successful cases of network marketing. I hope that the 2-point answers about the classic successful cases of network marketing will be useful to everyone.

Network marketing classic success stories, network marketing success stories? , classic successful cases of network marketing ppt

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