Jiangxi Yunwu Green Tea Ganzhou Four Famous Teas? , Introduction to Jiangxi Yunwu Green Tea

Hello everyone, today I have noticed a more interesting topic, which is about Jiangxi Yunwu Green Tea, so I have compiled 2 related answers to introduce Jiangxi Yunwu Green Tea, Let's take a look. Four famous teas in Ganzhou? Introduction of Yunwu Tea? Four famous teas in Ganzhou? 1. Lushan Yunwu Lushan Yunwu tea belongs to green tea. It is named after it is produced in Lushan Mountain in Jiangxi, China. There is a poem praising it: "Lushan Yunwu tea is strong in taste and spicy in nature. If you drink it for a long time, it will prolong your life." It has always been famous for its "mellow taste, beautiful color, fragrant fragrance and clear soup". The tea soup is light, like jasper, and the taste is like Longjing but more mellow. "Kuang Lu's beauty is the best in the world, and the clouds and mist are mellow and fragrant to prolong your life." Lushan Yunwu tea has been influenced by the flowing springs and waterfalls of Lushan Mountain for many years, and has formed its unique mellow quality: the leaves are thick and thick, mellow and sweet, rich in nutrition, and prolong life. 2. Gougunao is produced in Gougunao Mountain, Tanghu Town, Suichuan County, Jiangxi Province. Gougunao Mountain stands in the mountains of the southern foot of the Luoxiao Mountains, facing north from the south, with verdant forests, gurgling streams, shrouded in clouds and mist in the spring year, clear springs in four seasons, severe cold in winter, no heat in summer, and fertile soil. It is a unique origin of famous tea and one of the three treasures of Suichuan. The finished product of Gougunao has a tight and beautiful shape, pekoe exposed, and the bud ends are slightly hooked; the aroma is elegant, slightly floral, and it sinks quickly after soaking, the soup color is clear, and the taste is mellow; the bottom of the leaf is yellow-green. 3. Jing'an white tea Jing'an white tea is a specialty of Jing'an County, Jiangxi Province. The main production area is in Jiuling Mountain, Shuangxi Village, Luowan Township. After long-term optimization and breeding, Jing'an white tea has formed a unique quality advantage. The shape is round, tight, straight and even, with natural strands, shaped like a phoenix feather, the color is jade frost, bright and oily, the inner quality is fresh and fragrant, with a unique licorice fragrance, and the taste is sweet; the soup is bright yellow and bright, and the leaves are blooming and restored It is jade white, with emerald green veins, quite elegant. 4. Tonggu Chunyun Tonggu has a long history of tea production and is one of the origins and main producing areas of China's famous historical Ning black tea. The spring rhyme tea leaves are firm and firm, the golden hairs are exposed, and the color is oily; the taste is fresh and rich, and the aroma is high and long-lasting; Introduction of Yunwu Tea? Yunwu tea is a famous green tea. The more famous Yunwu tea belongs to Lushan Yunwu tea. Lushan Yunwu tea is produced in Lushan, Jiangxi. Lushan Yunwu Tea, known as "Wenlin Tea" in ancient times, has been called "Lushan Yunwu" since the Ming Dynasty. The majestic and majestic Lushan Mountain has been known as "Kuanglu is the most beautiful in the world" since ancient times. Lushan Mountain is located in Jiujiang City, Jiangxi Province. The mountain rises from the flat ground, flies to the edge of the river and lake, faces the Yangtze River in the north, and just faces Poyang Lake. There are many cliffs and steep peaks, deep and secluded canyons, criss-crossing, clouds and mists in the mountains, unpredictable, and white clouds often surround the mountains at the turn of spring and summer. Sometimes light clouds shroud the mountain like tulle, and sometimes a cloud flows down the steep mountain for a thousand meters and pours into the deep valley. This magnificent landscape is known as the "waterfall cloud" of Lushan Mountain. The accumulation of clouds and mists has added many magical scenery to Lushan Mountain, and the tea is named after the clouds and mists. Lushan Yunwu tea not only has an ideal growth environment and excellent tea tree varieties, but also has exquisite harvesting technology. Around the Qingming Festival, as the altitude increases, fresh leaf mining is delayed until around the "May 1st" festival, with one bud and one leaf as the standard. After harvesting the tea flakes, spread them thinly in a cool and ventilated place to keep the fresh leaves pure. Then, the finished product is made through nine processes including finishing, shaking, and rolling. Due to the acquired weather conditions, Yunwu tea is picked later than other teas, and it is generally picked between after Grain Rain and Lixia. Take one bud and one leaf as the initial standard, about 3 cm long. The finished tea is plump and beautiful in appearance, tender and smooth in color, with hidden buds. Lushan Yunwu buds are fat, beautiful, fragrant and sweet, and the soup is clear. It is a high-quality green tea and has a long-standing reputation for its "mellow taste, beautiful color, fragrance, and clear liquid". Best-selling at home and abroad. Taste carefully, its color is like Tuocha, but lighter than Tuocha, like jasper in a bowl. If you use the mountain spring of Lushan Mountain to make tea and bake it, it will be more mellow and delicious. According to records, growing tea in Mount Lu began in the Jin Dynasty. During the Tang Dynasty, literati and scholars once gathered in Lushan Mountain, and the tea production in Lushan Mountain developed to some extent. According to legend, the famous poet Bai Juyi once built a thatched house under the Xianglu Peak of Lushan Mountain, and opened a garden to grow tea and medicine. In the Song Dynasty, Lushan Yunwu Tea was listed as "tribute tea". At this point, the above is the introduction of the editor's questions about Jiangxi Yunwu Green Tea. I hope that the 2-point answers about Jiangxi Yunwu Green Tea will be useful to everyone.

Jiangxi Yunwu Green Tea Ganzhou Four Famous Teas? , Introduction to Jiangxi Yunwu Green Tea

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