Christmas match, x English words? , Christmas Match 3

Hello everyone, today the editor has paid attention to a more interesting topic, which is about Christmas Match, so the editor has compiled 2 related introductions about Christmas Match The answer, let's take a look. x English words? What words start with X? x English words? 1. Xmas British and American ['eksməs]n. Christmas (equal to Christmas) phrase Xmas Blox Christmas Treasure; Christmas Matches; Christmas Treasure XMAS christmas Christmas Starlight Xmas Christmas Edition; , xeric English ['zɪərɪk; 'ze-] US ['zɪrɪk] adj. Drought, dry environment; drought-tolerant phrase xeric animal xeric environment [plant] xeric environment xeric animals arid animals 3, xylogen ['zailəudʒən]n. Wood; [Hahua] lignin; wood fiber Xylogen coffin lignin lignose xylogen lignin Xylogen plugging agent lignin water blocking agent 4, Xanadu English ['zænədju:] US n. Xinggong; Hua Xia; Paradise Phrase Xanadu Hills Xanadu Hills Xanadu Project Xanadu Project philodendron Xanadu Little Angel; Little Angel Philodendron 5, xylograph English ['zaɪləʊɡrɑːf] Beauty ['zaɪloɡræf]n. Woodblock print; woodblock; woodblock printing phrase Xylograph Painting print book clip chromo xylograph woodblock color painting xylograph book What are the words that start with X in woodblock books? 1. Xmas British? American ['eksm?s]? n. Christmas (equal to Christmas) phrase XmasBlox Christmas Treasure; Starlight 2, xeric British ['z??r?k;'ze-]? American ['z?r?k]? adj. Arid, dry environment; drought-tolerant phrase xericanimal xericenvironment[plant] Xeric environment xericanimals arid animals 3, xylogen ['zail?ud??n]? n. ['z?n?dju:]?美? n.Xinggong; Huaxia; Paradise Phrase XanaduHills Xanadu Mountain Ridge XanaduProject Xanadu Project philodendronXanadu little angel; little angel philodendron 5, xylograph English ['za?l ??ɡrɑ?f]?美['za?loɡr?f]? n. woodblock print; woodblock; woodblock print phrase XylographPainting print book folder chromoxylograph woodblock color painting xylographbook woodblock book here, the above is the Xiaobian for Christmas This is the end of the introduction to the question. I hope that the 2-point answer about the Christmas pairing will be useful to everyone.

Christmas match, x English words? , Christmas Match 3

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