Classic case analysis of online gray industry➣Internet black gray industry case

Today, I will share with you the knowledge of classic online gray industry case analysis, which will also explain the Internet black gray industry case. If it happens to solve the problem you are facing now Don't forget to pay attention to this site, let's start now! List of contents of this article: 1. Gray industry in the gray society of the Internet 2. What is the meaning of mobile phone to in the gray and black industry 3. The popularity of "sheep a sheep" has spawned many gray products such as false links and cheating. How to crack down on them?_Baidu. ..4. The profiteering black and gray production is not a dream, a gold digging story behind the grassroots Gray industry refers to the gray industry chain of the Internet. The Internet gray industrial chain refers to the classic case analysis of various gray economic activities based on the Internet, and the network industrial chain of each component based on the internal professional division of labor and supply and demand relations. Analysis of the following gray industry classic case analysis of online gray products, including: number merchants, wool parties, reading volume and WeChat voting, broadcasting volume, rankings and rankings, code receiving platforms and card merchant platforms, online shopping swiping, circle of friends Wechat business, online black lottery, courier information, easy fundraising agency, adult film induction APP/H5. The online black and gray industry refers to wandering on the edge of legal and technical control. Uncontrollable factors and gaps in laws, regulations and policies all remind us not to touch this kind of industry, such as our common chess and cards, lottery agents and credit cards. At present, the output value of the black and gray industry is hundreds of billions, and network security issues are perilous. After the Mengniu incident, the judiciary intervened in the "Internet gray society", expressly stating that this industry is no longer a legal blank area that can be slandered arbitrarily without being responsible. In the Internet society, public relations companies, under the instigation of enterprises, use thugs as the vanguard and rely on 100,000 sailors to launch a "commercial pursuit" with news and posts. The gray industry actually includes a lot of content, such as underground banks, usury goods, small treasuries, darkroom transactions to earn transaction fees, private casinos, gift money acceptance, industry accumulation of high-interest loans, and so on. It is an unreasonable but objectively existing industry between legitimate industries and improper industries. What does gray and black industry mobile phone to mean? 1. The meaning of gray production is: legal gray industry. Gray production refers to "malicious registration" and "false certification" in the gray area of the law. The simplest understanding is to achieve the purpose of defrauding money; fraudsters can often use disguised scams to confuse real ones to achieve the purpose of defrauding money. 2. Digital black and gray production refers to the use of Internet technology to carry out network illegal activities such as cyber attacks, theft of information, extortion and fraud, theft of money, and promotion of pornography, gambling and drugs. It can be prevented by enhancing the awareness of network security protection and not disclosing or filling in personal information at will. 3. Black production is the abbreviation of "black industry". In the past, it was said that a certain family was rich and powerful, and power was about being an official, and there were people in the court; here, "wealthy" does not mean simply having gold and silver, but "having property". Standing on the house and lying on the ground, this is "industry". 4. The word comes directly from the Old English to, meaning towards. As a preposition, the meaning is for; for; (indicating direction) to; to; (indicating indirect relationship) to. As an adverb, it means (indicating direction) to go; (door) to close. 5. It is an app that is different from the black gray app and can be used normally. From secretly deducting phone bills, monetizing advertising traffic, and distributing mobile apps, to Trojan horse brushing, extortion viruses, and controlling bot mining, online black and gray apps are everywhere, and "sweeping wool" is one of the important profit models of black and gray apps . 6. There are loopholes in the self-owned platform and test website, the third-party interface of the agency company, and the entire business process. Practitioners in the online black industry can snatch the official low-priced tickets in an instant, and sell them to tourists at a higher price to seek violence. . "Sheep a sheep" is hot, spawning false links, cheats and many other gray products, how to crack down on it?_Baidu...Recently, following the classic case analysis of the popular online gray products of the sheep game network , all kinds of news related to the classic case analysis of online gray products emerge in endlessly. Some husbands called the police because a woman was obsessed with a sheep; Sheep a sheep and earn income and so on. "Pig-killing plate" is actually a kind of deception. In the past, it was also called fairy jumping, catching golden turtles, and catching two-legged sheep in a layout. The difference from the general fraud methods is that the "killing pig dish" fraud method uses the method of gang warfare to carry out fraud. So it has become a state of peddling dog meat, pretending to be a banner on the surface, but in fact it is not a legitimate thing to do, so it is necessary to completely eliminate them. I also advise you to be more sensible when playing games. The profiteering black and gray production is not a dream, and a gold-digging story behind the grassroots has been digging deep in the Internet black industry circle for more than ten years. The classic case analysis of the Internet gray industry, the waterproof wall has witnessed the rapid transformation of several Internet outlets. The network gray industry The classic case analysis has witnessed the industry staged one battle after another for resources and traffic. The classic case analysis of the Internet gray industry has also witnessed the germination, development, prosperity, and decline of various schools of black and gray industries, as well as the industrial chain. A transitional change from the past to the next. Another example to illustrate the classic case analysis of online gray products: In the early morning of January 20 this year, there was a loophole in Pinduoduo. Users can freely receive 100 yuan coupons without threshold, and the number of uses is unlimited. This has become a carnival night for black gray products. At around 9 am on the 21st, Pinduoduo fixed the bug. The rental and sale of game accounts has formed a gray industrial chain. What is the origin of this industry? 1. With the policy of restricting the use of online games by minors promulgated by the state in September, the rental of game accounts has formed an industrial chain. Minors can Through the platform, each online game account is rented, so as to escape the supervision of minors by online games, and can play games 24 hours a day. 2. The game rental account has gradually formed a gray industry chain, because now why is it restricted by the game, only Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights from 8:00 to 9:00 can play normally, other times are forbidden to log in to the game Yes, as soon as this new policy comes out, the corresponding industrial chain of renting and selling accounts will become even larger. 3. The way of leasing and buying and selling game accounts has become a gray industry chain. Not long after this regulation was issued, some people broke the news that there are ways of leasing and buying and selling game accounts to help minors play games, and this method has become a gray industry chain. A gray industrial chain. 4. The gray industry is an industry derived from legitimate industries, so it is pervasive in all aspects of life. For example, the false queuing industry derived from the rise of online celebrity stores is a gray industry, but it is not an Internet industry. 5. In fact, it is still an intermediary service, that is, to help you do things and collect commissions. What is the gray industry chain? Trojan horses have formed many links such as production, Trojan horse seeding, streaming transactions, virtual property cashing out, etc., forming a complete industrial chain called the black industrial chain. This is the end of the introduction to the classic case analysis of online gray industry and the black gray industry case. Did you find the information you need? If you want to know more about this, remember to bookmark and follow this site.

Classic case analysis of online gray industry➣Internet black gray industry case

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