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This article will talk about somersault cloud mount strategy and knowledge points corresponding to somersault cloud wow. I hope it will be helpful to you. Don’t forget to bookmark this site. List of catalogs in this article: 1. How to get the Mount of Doubling Cloud in Fantasy Westward Journey mobile game 2. How to get the Mount of Doubling Cloud in ff14 Cloud 3. How to use the exclusive technology points of Cloud in Fantasy Westward Journey? There are three main ways. The first is the pets presented by game activities. Generally get gifted pets. Players only need to complete the event tasks according to the event requirements to receive them. The second way is that players use fantasy gold coins to buy pets listed by players in the chamber of commerce. Fantasy Westward Journey mobile game Somersault Cloud is worth smoking. In the mobile game Fantasy Westward Journey, somersaulting clouds cannot be bought with gold coins. In the game Fantasy Westward Journey mobile game, somersault cloud is used as a mount, and the use satisfaction and its own skill points are high, so it is worth picking up. How to get mounts in fantasy mobile games Sometimes there will be activities that can give away mounts. Players can get mounts by completing tasks according to the requirements of the event. Players can also use fantasy gold coins to buy mounts sold by other players in the stall menu. Mounts are a new gameplay system in the game. Players can obtain these mounts through the following methods. The method of obtaining mounts is as follows: After obtaining a mount level of 68, you can go to the Mount Fairy in Longevity Village to buy a mount. The mounts are all made of rare and exotic beasts from the Three Realms. They are of various shapes, grotesque and bizarre, with different personalities. ff14 Somersault cloud mount how to get this task is to allow us to open the prestige, then travel the world, start making achievements, and then obtain props from various treasure hunts, when our prestige reaches worship, come back here and click on the npc on this side; Then you can somersault cloud mount. Disc of the Red Somersaulting Cloud, Exalted with Lorewalker reputation can be purchased. How to unlock reputation When you reach level 90, you will receive a quest in the main city of the Vale of Eternal Blossoms (Hall of Two Moons of the Tribe, Hall of Seven Stars of the Alliance), asking you to go to the Seat of Hearing the Way above the Mogu'shan Palace to talk to Lorewalker Zhou Zhuo talk about it. According to the game strategy of Fantasy Westward Journey mobile game, the mount of Fantasy Westward Journey mobile game Somersault Cloud is obtained by lottery, and you can get somersault cloud by drawing lottery in Treasure Pavilion, and the chance of getting ten consecutive draws is even higher. This mount is the easiest to obtain, as long as it is drawn by lottery Get it a few times. The mobile game "Fantasy Westward Journey" is a national-level turn-based mobile game. The ff14 mount collection is as follows: computer users can use Ctrl+F, and then enter the name of the mount they want to find to quickly locate the location of the mount acquisition method. The ff14x version of the mount acquisition is as follows: computer users can use Ctrl+F, and then enter the name of the mount you want to find, and quickly locate the position of the mount acquisition method. Asked how to get the mobile game Somersault Cloud? Players probably don’t know yet, somersault cloud is a mount that was recently released in this game, interested players, follow me to see it. One of the mounts updated this time is Tier 6 Somersault Cloud. How to use somersault cloud exclusive technology points First click on the garage option on the QQ Speed homepage. Next, click to select somersault cloud vehicle in the garage. Finally, click the modification button on the racing car details interface, and you can see the exclusive technology points in the modification interface. Click modification to consume exclusive technology points for somersault cloud to strengthen. direct reinforcement. "QQ Speed" is the first casual racing online game independently developed by Tencent. In the game, the consumption of somersault cloud technology points only needs to be directly strengthened. Technology points can be obtained by purchasing technology boxes. When the activity of daily tasks reaches At 120, you can receive 200 technology points. First of all, you need to activate the reputation. When you reach level 90, in the main city of Jinxiu Valley, the tribal Double Moon Hall Alliance Seven Star Hall will receive the task. After arriving at the destination, Lorewalker Zhou Zhuo will give you the task "Your Private Collection", asking you to clean the bookshelf. After the task is completed, you can receive exclusive technology points. At the beginning of the game, press the up, down, left, right, and left hands clockwise to open the boundless change, and you can use somersault cloud somersault cloud mount strategy. After turning on Unbounded Change, go to the practice room to spawn monsters. Because of Unbounded Change, killing monsters has a chance to add 200 attributes. Brush up to 5000 attributes to brush money. First of all, connect the Somersault cloud router to the power supply, and connect the network cable to the WAN port of the router. Open the Somersault Cloud APP on your mobile phone or computer, click "Add Device", select "Router", and configure according to the prompts. Yellow 2, Yellow 1, Green 1, Green 2, Green 3, Yellow 2, Yellow 1, Green 3. ) somersault cloud mount strategy; up 2 → somersault cloud → right 8 → cloud → down 2 → cloud → up 2 → cloud → down 2 → cloud → left 2 → cloud → down 2 → somersault cloud → take the plantain fan in level 52 Use the somersault cloud 3 times, the order can not be wrong, otherwise you will not be able to pass the level. This is the end of the introduction about somersault cloud mount strategy and somersault cloud wow, did you find the information you need? If you want to know more about this, remember to bookmark and follow this site.

Somersault cloud mount strategy ➻Somersault cloud wow

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