The correct way to make Kung Fu tea How to make Kung Fu tea correctly? , video on the correct way to make Kung Fu tea

Hello everyone, today I have noticed a more interesting topic, which is the correct way to make Kung Fu tea, so I have compiled 2 related introductions to Kung Fu tea. Let's take a look at the answer to the correct way to make tea. How to brew Gongfu tea correctly? 6 steps to make Gongfu tea? How to brew Gongfu tea correctly? The steps of brewing Kung Fu tea are as follows: 1. Prepare utensils, choose tureen, purple sand pot, smelling cup and tasting cup, and pour the pot to heat the cup; 2. Inject water, pour tea according to personal taste, and inject 100-degree boiling water; 3. Take out Soup, soak for about 15 seconds in the first bubble, and the soup will come out. 1. Prepare utensils Brewing Kung Fu tea, pay attention to the choice of tea sets. If you want to appreciate the true fragrance and charm of Kung Fu tea, it is suitable to use a covered bowl, a purple sand pot, and a scent cup and a tea cup. Before brewing, pour boiling water into the pot to heat the cup to increase the temperature of the tea set. 2. Water injection Pour tea according to personal taste, and then add water. It can be brewed directly with 100-degree boiling water, but old water cannot be used. Water that has been boiled only once is too tender, while water that has been boiled three times is too old. There is almost no oxygen and carbon dioxide in the water, and the brewed tea is not fresh enough. 3. Out of the soup The first bubble can be soaked for about 15 seconds to produce the soup. From the fourth bubble, gradually extend the soaking time for about 10 seconds. The length of soaking time can also be determined according to the number of tea drinkers, personal taste, and the concentration of tea soup. Step 1—Tea Viewing: The black tea placed in the tea lotus at the first glance of pearl, like a rare black pearl, exudes a noble and warm luster. The second step—boiling water: the light floating spring water is boiled by heat, and the water vapor permeates, condenses into beads, and floats on the wall of the pot. The third step - clean the cup: soak the warming pot and pour the first boiling water into the pot and cup to make it warm. The fourth step——Setting the tea: the prince enters the palace. Because Qimen Gongfu black tea is known as "Prince's tea", putting the black tea in the pot is like "the prince enters the palace". The fifth step——entering the water: The boiling water that has been opened for a thousand feet straight down, can make the tea leaves roll extremely, and the brewed tea soup is more rich and fragrant. The sixth step—serve the tea; serve the guests by cups. Put the tea brewed in the pot into small teacups and invite the guests to share. Step 7 - Smell the tea: Fragrance around the nose Keemun Gongfu black tea is one of the three most highly fragrant teas recognized in the world. The eighth step - appreciating the soup: appreciating the leaves and viewing the soup. The soup color of Qimen Gongfu black tea is red and moving, and the tea leaves in the dry soup are soft and tender. Step 9 - pecking and drinking: Refreshing and fresh Keemun Gongfu black tea has a refreshing taste and mellow taste, which is completely different from the strong stimulation of black broken tea, so when drinking Keemun Gongfu tea, you should drink it lightly and slowly. Step 10——Continuing the aftertaste After tasting the first tea soup, you can drink it again with water to feel its different flavors. The eleventh step - three drinks of Chengqu black tea can be refilled twice after the first drink, because the taste changes slightly after each refill, so only after drinking three times can you have a comprehensive understanding of the tea . The twelfth step - talk about tea and thank the guests After drinking the tea, you can discuss with the guests how you felt about drinking the tea just now. Finally, I would like to sincerely thank the guests for coming. 6 steps to make Gongfu tea? The six steps of brewing Kung Fu tea The so-called Kung Fu tea pays attention to kung fu, that is, the whole process of making tea. From the perspective of daily life, real Kung Fu tea needs six steps to brew. The first is boiling water and warming the pot, especially in winter to avoid excessive temperature difference. The sand pot is cracked due to the large scale. The next step is to add tea cakes, wash the tea with the first tea, maintain the tea pet, and smell the fragrance first. The last step is to make tea and taste the tea. The taste will be very good, and the aroma will definitely permeate. 1. Brewing kung fu tea in a warm pot with boiling water pays attention to details. If you are not careful, the taste of the tea will be unsatisfactory. Therefore, the first process is to iron the pot. Boil pure water (or mountain spring water is better) to boiling, and slowly pour it into the purple sand pot. Note that in winter, warm water should be used to brew the purple sand pot first to avoid cracking caused by excessive temperature difference. After ironing the pot, iron the tea strainer, teacup, and tea pets with boiling water once. 2. Add tea cakes For Pu-erh tea, cooked tea is fermented and has a strong and mellow taste, which has a good maintenance effect on the stomach. Divide the Pu-erh tea cake into even small pieces with a tea knife, take 2-3 pieces and add them to the hot teapot, be careful not to put too much, otherwise there will be problems that the tea cannot be brewed or it is too thick to drink. 3. The first tea is washed and brewed. The first tea is not drinkable, such as Pu'er, there will be some dust, paper scraps and other impurities in the aged Pu'er, so it is necessary to wash the tea. Pour boiling water into the purple clay pot that has been added with tea cakes, cover the pot, shake it clockwise slowly, and after 10-15 seconds, filter it through the tea strainer and pour it into a fair cup. 4. Friends who like to drink Kung Fu tea will choose a few beautiful tea pets to add to the fun of drinking tea. Slowly pour the tea washed in the fair cup on the purple sand pot and tea pets, feed the tea pets, and warm the teapot. 5. The first way to smell the fragrance of Kung Fu tea is the beauty of the tea fragrance. The process of smelling the fragrance can increase the fun of the tea drinkers, open up the sense of smell, and play a role in soothing the mood. Pour the first course of tea into the smelling cup, hold the cup and smell the fragrance. The tea aroma of Pu'er tea will make you completely relaxed, as if you are in a fairyland. At this time, you can play some elegant music melodies to make smelling more fun. Sixth, making tea and tasting tea After the above five processes are completed, you can start tasting tea. Pour boiling water into the teapot, cover it and infuse for 20 seconds, and then you can taste the first Pu'er tea after pouring it out. At this time, the color of the tea soup is bright red, the smell is fragrant, and the taste is mellow. Drinking it has a pleasure of saliva. After drinking the first course, gradually lengthen the brewing time for each subsequent course. Generally, after drinking 8-9 times, change to tea cakes and continue brewing. At this point, the above is the introduction of the editor's question about the correct method of making Kung Fu tea. I hope that the 2-point answer about the correct method of making Kung Fu tea will be useful to everyone.

The correct way to make Kung Fu tea How to make Kung Fu tea correctly? , video on the correct way to make Kung Fu tea

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