Defend the radish sky 10 strategy ➻ Defend the radish sky 10 detailed explanation with pictures and texts_Game Dog Defend the radish deep sea

Today I will share with you the knowledge of the Defend the radish sky 10 strategy, which will also give you a detailed explanation of the Defend the radish sky 10 strategy with pictures and texts _The game dog defends the radish deep sea to explain, if it happens to solve the problem you are facing now, don't forget to pay attention to this site, let's start now! List of contents in this article: 1. Defend Carrot 4 Space Travel Episode 10 strategy sharing 2. "Defend Carrot" challenge theme level 10 strategy 3. Defend Carrot Skyline 10 How to pass Defend Carrot 4 Space Travel Episode 10 strategy sharing Defend Carrot 4 Space Crossing the first level: The most critical part of this level is the fan on the left, and you need to use multiple arrows and missile towers in the middle. The second level: In this level, players need to place the magic tower and fan according to the terrain, mainly the magic ball. Defend the Radish 4 Legend of the White Radish Level 10 Clearance Strategy At the beginning of the clearance steps, we place two full-level bows in the left square, and then we can start land reclamation. The main thing is to attack the props on our left first. Drop a gift box and immediately stop. The full-level graphic walkthrough (updating) now has four chapters on the official server, namely Crouching Rabbit, Hidden Dragon, Aponik, Space Travel and Journey to the West Weekly Tournament. Each chapter has 40-60 different levels, and the difficulty of all levels is different, and the overall level is stepped up. Defend Carrot 4 Space Crossing level 1 strategy map sharing The split arrow is placed in the middle of the opening, and the rabbit and obstacles can be cleared together. The 2nd wave puts the fan on the left and the middle, and the 3rd wave puts the split arrow in the right middle. In the 4th-5th wave, make rockets, split arrows and fans. "Defend the Carrot" challenge theme Level 10 Raiders Defend the Carrot Jungle theme Level 10 Difficulty: Is there a BOSS in the adventure mode? 450 money can be used. Defend the radish 4 Romance of Oz Level 10 Raiders This level begins with building two anchors at the two places shown in the picture. After that, fight monsters while building buildings, and fill up the anchors on both sides. Then continue to fight monsters and build buildings, place several turrets as shown in the picture, and place them in order to see which side you have pressure. The first bomb is the third prickly pear on the right, the second is the sheep's head in the middle above, and the third is the small dark treasure box on the left (the fourth prop from the top). The tenth level of Aponik's strategy unlocks a new character, a rabbit playing a slot machine. It seems that our level is very lucky. Use the turret to clear the obstacles at the beginning. How to pass Defending Carrot Skyrim 10 1. Destroy the big white cloud in the middle and the props on the left first. After that, try to destroy all the props and accumulate gold coins to buy turrets. Concentrate all the firepower on the monster exit and the middle position, and the magic ball plays a decisive role in the middle position. 2. This is how I play. 1 starts, the upper left corner shoots in the empty space, and then upgrades to level 1. Immediately go hit the yellow planet with fans. Then put a cannon on the left 2 positions of the bottom radish. Let the first round come out to be played by the cannon below, so that you can have more time to play props. 3. In fact, each of these turrets is random, some will come out with one poop, and some will come out with two. If there is only one poop, you will end and start a new game. 4. First place the boomerang in the upper right corner of the map. While attacking the big money bag, you can also clear the mobs. Defend the radish 2 every day and go up to the tenth floor BOSS strategy. Put the boomerang in the vacant space on the left and clean up the props. At the same time, go down the ice cone tower on the right to destroy the first big money bag faster. 5. Let's follow Xiaogu to learn about the Defend the Carrot Challenge 10. I hope all players can have a deeper understanding of the game after understanding it. Arrange a plane in the upper right corner and clear out the treasure chest. Except for the rockets, all the open spaces in the middle are filled with frozen five-pointed stars. Remember to clear all props. This is the end of the introduction to the strategy of defending the carrot and sky 10. Thank you for taking the time to read the content of this site. More about the detailed explanation of the strategy of defending the carrot and sky 10. Find it on this site.

Defend the radish sky 10 strategy ➻ Defend the radish sky 10 detailed explanation with pictures and texts_Game Dog Defend the radish deep sea

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